Little Giant RFSN-6 float switch

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RFSN-6 float switch converts any manual pump up to 1/2 HP into an automatic pump.
Has a 10 foot power cord, and is ideal for basins of at least 14 inches in diameter. The less confined your space the wider the possible switching range.
Attach this switch to either the pump, a length of PVC piping or the side of the basin itself, plug your manual pump into the piggy back plug of this switch and hey presto, your manual pump is now fully automatic.
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residential grade

impact resistant housing
water resistant cable
UL listed
12 month warranty
10 ft power cable (3 m)
115V single phase
max 60 Amps while starting
max 13 Amps while running
Weight: 2 lbs (0.9 kg)

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CAUTION:To prevent damage to pump, do not set switch turn-off level below 2 inches above bottom of pump base. Also be sure that the pump is secured in its position so the float will not become stuck between the pump and the basin, which could prevent the pump from turning "ON' or "OFF". Be sure the cable tie is secure so the switch cord does not accidentally slip and change the pre-set ON/OFF levels.

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