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Little Giant 5-APCP pool cover pumps (item # 505600)
1", 1,200 GPH, 1/6 HP, 115V, residential grade pool cover pump.
This versatile pump includes a stabilizing plate and automatic switch, both of which are removable, allowing the pool cover pump to be used in a variety of other applications. Automatic switch activates in approximately 2-1/4" of water; "off" level is approximately 1-1/2". Also has manual operating mode allowing it to pump down to 1/8". Includes garden hose adaptor. 25 ft. power cord on pump and switch.
This is Little Giant's best selling pool cover pump and it's Made in the USA

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$316.00 $169 each
5-APCP Little Giant pool cover pump $ 169
1,200 GPH
1/6 HP (0.125 kw)
11.5 lbs
26 ft max head
max head,
Little Giant Pony Pump 360 utility pumps (item # 555502)
3/8 / 3/4", 360 GPH, 1/10 HP, 115V, residential grade utility pump.
This lightweight portable transfer pump has a self-priming, siphon-like action that can be used to empty swimming pool covers, waterbeds, drain water heaters or aquariums, pump out a basement, transfer water to an RV, pump boat bilges, pump out stock tanks, and in just about any other application where water needs to be transferred. Removes water down to 1/8" (3.2 mm). Intermittent duty is 15 minutes on 45 minutes off.
The pump is dual threaded with both 3/8" FNPT and 3/4" GHT (Garden Hose Thread) intake and discharge - which means you can EITHER screw a 3/8 inch mail pipe thread inside the connectors on the pump OR a 3/4 inch garden hose over the outside of the pump's connectors.

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$151.00 $109 each
Little Giant Pony Pump 360 utility pump $ 109
3/8 / 3/4"
360 GPH
1/10 HP (0.075 kw)
8.4 lbs
48 ft max head
max head,
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