Little Giant SPBS-12 battery backup sump pump

(manufacturer item no: 506400)

SPBS-12 Little Giant battery backup sump pump

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1 1/2", 1,600 GPH, 1/5 HP, 115V, Homeowner grade battery backup sump pump.
Provides extra protection in the event the primary unit fails, an obstruction in the pit blocks flow, or a power outage occurs.
The back up system is powered by a 12 VDC battery (not included). The battery should be a deep cycle marine battery rated 105 to 140 amp-hours.
The Little Giant back up sump pump system also functions as an alarm system if the primary pump fails to empty the sump pit.
A 140 amp-hour battery can provide in excess of 9 hours of pumping time (If the unit pumps for 5 minutes out of every hour, that is over 4 days of use without electrical power).
A controller/charger monitors the battery condition and charges the battery when required. It also alerts the homeowner when the system has operated or when possible flooding conditions exist.
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Homeowner grade
1 1/2" (38 mm) discharge size
1,600 gallons per hour (6,000 liters)
Power: 1/5 HP (0.16 kw)

12 month warranty
Cuts in when power goes off
Controlled by float switch
Audible alarm
nylon impeller
6 ft power cable (2 m)
115V single phase
Thermal overload protection: yes
Total head: 21 ft (7 m)
Weight: 18 lbs (8.2 kg)
thermal overload protection:yes

Fluid Systems Design Parameters:
  • 12 VDC Pump
  • Controller/Charger/Alarm
  • 10 amp Float Switch
  • Check Valve for 12V Pump
  • PVC Tee for connection to existing 1 1/2" discharge pipe of primary pump
  • Battery Box (battery not included)
  • Pump mounting bracket and clamps

    The system automatically detects a power outage and the control box cuts in. As soon as the float switch for the battery backup unit indicates that it is time to pump, the 12 Volt DC pump (12v) kicks in to save the day.

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