Control Box for 115V Multiquip pumps up to 1 HP includes 2 x SW1-WOP

Multiquip CB3 control box

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Use with any 115V model Multiquip submersible pump - this control box replaces the need for the SW1A float switch.
Recommended for either of two applications:
1. Where the pump is located a long way from the power source.
2. When you want to automate a pump with a float switch but you expect a large volume of water on a fairly regular basis.
When you connect an electric pump to an ordinary extension cord, the resulting voltage drop causes damage to the motor in the pump. This control box has electronics inside that resolves that problem and maintains a healthy life-span for the pump.
When you use a float switch to automatically turn a pump on and off in an environment where a large volume of water is expected for long periods of time you can have a scenario where the pump cycles on and off rapidly - which shortens the life of the pump.
This control box uses 2 float switches (one for on and the other for off) to give the pump a wider range between on and off. This means the pump runs less frequently but for longer periods of time and removes the stress on the motor that would have been caused by a single float switch installation.
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water resistant
fiberglass housing
running light
Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg)

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