Diesel trash pumps from our complete range of contractor and homeowner pumps. Models from Multiquip and Tsurumi. Click on the links below for other types such as honda or submersible trash models. All available for online ordering, great prices, fast shipping and order tracking system. Order online and we ship free.  
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Diesel trash pumps

We sell a variety of models
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If you know what the one you need looks like, scroll down and click on the image, you will be taken to a page containing specifications including heat output, weight, pricing, stock availability, etc.
If you are not sure what you need, scroll down slowly and read the text describing each group, when you click on an image you will be taken to a page containing specifications including heat output, weight, pricing, stock availability, etc. and also links to the similar style models with different specs.

Multiquip diesel trash pumps (5)
click here to buy a pump from this rangeReal big boy's toys. Multiquip's largest trash pumps. Ranging from 3 inch up to 6 inch they are regularly used on trailers as they are so large, but we also supply them on skids for those instances when you either already have a trailer or portability isn't an issue.
QP2TZ diesel powered trash pump QP3TZ diesel powered trash pump QP4TZ diesel powered trash pump MQ62TDD diesel powered trash pump MQ600TD80 diesel powered trash pump

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